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Keiner ist eine Insel 
Max Feigenwinter
No One Is an Island
…and That is Our Opportunity

Max Feigenwinter’s message is that we need each other; no one can exist alone. We are better able to develop as people when we join forces. Max Feigenwinter gently describes how inspiring it is to be there for each other.

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Vom Engel, der die Zeit anhielt 
Doris Bewernitz
About the Angel Who Stopped Time
Heavenly Encounters

Have you ever encountered an angel, maybe without even being aware of it? In her stories and poems, author Doris Bewernitz conveys that this can happen at any time: checking out at the grocery story, in the city, in a hospital, at a café, or on your way to work.

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Der Himmel ist in dir 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
Heaven Is in You

The blessings written by Christa Spilling-Nöker give us strength to accept and embrace life in all its complexity, with its joys and also all the difficult moments. Hope and optimism stream from the author’s insightful texts, along with an encouraging certainty that we can have faith in life.

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Zeit vergeht nicht, Zeit entsteht 
Ulrich Peters
Time Doesn´t Pass By, Time is Created
A Year Full of Happy Moments

Do you actually have time? When, if not now, in this unique moment, do we have time at all? Travel with Ulrich Peters on a journey inside time. On this journey he follows in the footsteps of Momo, the sympathetic figure from Michael Ende's novel, who always has time and does one thing best of all: Momo listens. This is a book full of beautiful moments and inspirational thoughts.

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Ulrich Peters
Affairs of the Heart
Wishes and Good Thoughts from the Little Prince

For millions of people, the Little Prince has become a companion for life. Part child-like philosopher, part magician, he tells wonderful life stories and is a keen judge of character. All this makes him a friend, adviser and guide. Ulrich Peters rediscovers him in this light, and with his entertaining and sensitive perspective, fondly takes a new look at the Little Prince.

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Bleib, wie du bist 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
Stay As You Are
Wishes, wonders and transformations
Illustrated by Barbara Trapp

The human being is a marvel. We have the possibility to change ourselves again and again, to discover new goals, to leave well-worn trails and simultaneously forge new paths.

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Im Süden des Herzens 
Georg Leifels
In the South of the Heart
Thoughts and Poems
With an afterword by Hermann Schulz
With photographs by Tobias Ott

No, life doesn’t always play in a major key. Often we search for ways and ways out, or for the light at the end of the tunnel. With his thoughts and poems, Georg Leifels invites us to travels deeper within ourselves and into the world, and weaves into the grey tones of life bright threads of light, delicate smiles and brushed accents.

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Bunte Herbstfarben wünsch ich dir 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
I Wish You All the Colors of Autumn
Illustrated with textile art by Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe

Every season brings with it rich blessings, including autumn. No other season is as radiant as this one, no other rewards us so richly. And at the same time, there is a hint of parting and transience, even mortality.

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Dann wird dein Leben wie ein Fest 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
Then Life Will Be a Celebration
Invited by Christa Spilling-Nöker
Illustrated by Reglindis Rohringer

Festive occasions deserve to be celebrated, both the annual events on the calendar and more personal milestones. Whether loud or quiet, large or small, with friends or alone: celebrations are like splashes of color in everyday life that enrich our lives.

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Heute grüßt dich eine Rose 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
Greetings From a Rose
Wishes and Thoughts From My Rose Garden
Illustrated by Regula Mathys-Hänggi

As a passionate gardener who lives out the cycle of each year through flowers, roses have become special favorites of Christa Spilling-Nöker. »The uniqueness of each flower touches me, but none speaks so directly from the heart as the rose. A rose is like an entire lifetime.«

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