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Im Süden des Herzens 
Georg Leifels
In the South of the Heart
Thoughts and Poems
With an afterword by Hermann Schulz
With photographs by Tobias Ott

No, life doesn’t always play in a major key. Often we search for ways and ways out, or for the light at the end of the tunnel. With his thoughts and poems, Georg Leifels invites us to travels deeper within ourselves and into the world, and weaves into the grey tones of life bright threads of light, delicate smiles and brushed accents.

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Das Geschenk des Monsieur Jacques 
Rainer Haak
Monsieur Jacques’ Gift
Stories About Joy in Life
With illustrations by Sabine Waldmann-Brun

Rainer Haak introduces us to Monsieur Jacques, a loveable bon vivant. Jacques tells short stories from everyday life or unusual encounters in his diary. They all express a special worldly wisdom that involves the greatest gift of all: the love of life.

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Vom Geheimnis der kleinen Traurigkeit 
Eva Mutscher
The Secret of the Little Sadness
Or: Rediscovering Joy in Life
With illustrations by Katrina Lange

In a humorous way, this little story tells about an unexpected discovery and a special kind of worldly wisdom: Those who do not turn sadness away from their doorstep leave the door open for joy in life, cheerfulness and courage to also return soon.

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Das Leben blüht für dich 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
Life Blossoms for You
Stories About the Magic of Flowers
With watercolours by Ursula Mörch

Stories and poems by Christa Spilling-Nöker that are all about the magic of flowers: Whether tulips or daisies, dandelion or roses – the small and large beings of the flower kingdom are fascinating. They sometimes become the centre of a story that shapes a life or transforms the everyday routine.

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Geh deinen Weg 
Margot Bickel
Go Your Own Path
and find your destination
With photographs by Andrea Göppel

The wind and the ocean, the light and the dark, the house and the path: in her spectacularly poetic texts, Margot Bickel captures moods and images that inspire us to take our lives into our own hands.

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Bei sich selber zu Hause sein 
Pierre Stutz
Being at Home with Yourself
Christmas inspirations
With photographs by Andrea Göppel

Pierre Stutz follows the traces of the biblical Christmas story and the experiences of mystics and poets to arrive at a state of being at home with himself, gratefully astonished by the gift of life.

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Der Tagesrucksack 
Eva Mutscher
The Daypack
A fairy tale about the mystery of time

This inspiring story reveals that there is nothing more precious than time. And there is nothing more beautiful than spending that time with the people one loves best.

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Die Rose und der Rittersporn 
Christa Spilling-Nöker
The Rose and the Larkspur
Stories for two people who love each other

The rose and the larkspur: two that are different and yet complement each other wonderfully find their way to each other. These inspiring stories and poems by Christa Spilling-Nöker relay this miracle of love that unfolds everywhere that two hearts find each other.

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Hoffnung ist ein Wort aus Licht 
Pierre Stutz
Hope is a Word of Light
Sources of vitality

The honest and perceptive writings of Pierre Stutz are all about hope and vitality. They invite you to not close your eyes to shut out the darkness, but to open them to sources of light that encourage us to be hopeful

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Keiner ist eine Insel 
Max Feigenwinter
No One Is an Island
…and That is Our Opportunity

Max Feigenwinter’s message is that we need each other; no one can exist alone. We are better able to develop as people when we join forces. Max Feigenwinter gently describes how inspiring it is to be there for each other.

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